Parking is child’s play!
Park4U®parks a vehicle in just a few seconds. Ultrasonic sensors scan the sides of the road to detect a suitable space. The parking maneuver takes place in the conventional way, but in hands-free mode. 
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Air intake module

An innovative solution that combines performance with a compact design.
The air intake module developed by Valeo helps to improve the efficiency of turbo-charged combustion engines. Thus it contributes to reduction of fuel consumption and reduction of the level of pollutant emissions. Furthermore the time to torque is shortened meaning the vehicle’s acceleration behavior is improved.
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Rain-light-humidity sensor

Rain Ligth Humidity sensor.
Sensors, which automatically control wipers, are increasingly fitted as standard on modern vehicles. Valeo, one of the leading suppliers of rain sensors, has developed this technology further to create a truly multifunctional sensor.
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