Range Rover

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Parking is child’s play!
Park4U®parks a vehicle in just a few seconds. Ultrasonic sensors scan the sides of the road to detect a suitable space. The parking maneuver takes place in the conventional way, but in hands-free mode. 
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360Vue® Surround View System

Making parking and maneuvering not just easier, but above all, safer.
On many new vehicle models, drivers have little visibility with regard to their immediate surroundings. Side and rear windows are becoming increasingly small, while the exterior shape of vehicles is dictated by aerodynamics and pedestrian safety, meaning precise, secure maneuvering and parking are almost impossible.
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Lane change assistance system

An intuitive and reliable lateral alert system.
Changing lanes always poses a risk, especially if a vehicle in the neighboring lane is going faster. Then there is the blind spot to consider – an area behind the car that is not visible in the external rearview mirrors.
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