“Work with people from different culture, work experience, and respect each other describes the Valeo operational culture and values.”

Abel Dany Nyemb

Why did you join Valeo?
I join Valeo for the opportunity to improve myself in a multicultural environment while participating in the development of new technologies.

Is it important for you to work for a growing international Group?
For me, a company which does not consider the global marketplace and its evolution will not survive in the long term. This is why it is important for me to work for a growing international Group.

Do you have the feeling to work in a diverse environment and why? And what are the characteristics of diversity at work for you?
Of course I do. I work each day with team members from different countries and people of other Valeo sites. Through this, I learn about many cultures.
For me, the characteristics of diversity at work refer to the multiple individual cultures, differences and experience backgrounds which are put together to have a better understanding of the global market place.

Do you have an international exposure in your job and what does it bring to you?
We use to work frequently together with colleagues from Valeo in Egypt. This is a challenge for me to avoid misunderstandings and to explain my points of view while working with these colleagues. This makes my job exciting every day.

Is it important for you to contribute to a better automotive world?
We improve the security of vehicles as example with braking assistance systems and solutions. Such technologies are important for a better automotive world.

Why are you proud to be a Valeoman?
Valeo improves through its products the security and the comfort of vehicles. Knowing that I am involved in the development of such products make me proud to be an employee of this company.

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