As part of its concept of "Intuitive Driving", Valeo has identified the Head-Up Display as the best solution to limit driver distraction. The projection of information on the vehicle's windscreen in the driver's field of vision, prevents him to divert his attention from the road.
Building on its expertise in optics, shown through its lighting and signaling systems, as well as its expertise in screens, air conditioning control panels and smart faceplates, Valeo is today able to offer a full range of Head-Up Display systems.
Furthermore, aware of the challenge that still represents an integration within the dashboard, Valeo has developed several patented technical solutions to reduce the size of the product by 10 to 20% compared to existing products.
The main characteristics of the Head-Up Display offered by Valeo are:
  • The projection system on the windshield or on a combiner
  • The kinematic system for combiner, vertical or pivotal, combining speed, robustness and low noise
  • The width of the field of view of 3 ° to about 12 °
  • Brightness up to 15,000 cd / m²
  • Dynamic adjustment of the brightness of the image with respect to the ambient lighting
  • The smart Head-Up Display, capable of generating its own display from the vehicle network information or the "monitor", which operates an image provided by another computer.


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