Valeo has analyzed in detail the current trends to note that the controls on steering wheel, although at your fingertips, became unintuitive and difficult to use in a driving situation due to the increasing number of buttons.
To reduce the risk of driver distraction, Valeo has developed innovative solutions of reconfigurable controls on the steering wheel.
Through different technologies, Valeo offers a range of solutions to limit to 5 or 6 the number of buttons on each side of the wheel, while commanding fifteen functions. Indeed, the switches are grouped by application type (ADAS, infotainment, onboard computer, telephone ...) in order to avoid a too high number of buttons. Depending on the degree of range, the choice of the application can be done either mechanically by the user, or automatically based on the context. For example an incoming phone call can automatically launch the phone application.
The interest of these solutions is:
  • increased safety through a limited number of buttons
  • optimized ergonomics
  • a haptic feedback to confirm the touch
  • reduced size in line with current trends of steering wheels
  • a modern appearance through displays smartphone-type or touch controls
  • a diversity management facilitated through non-visible buttons by " black mask" effect


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