Valeo is one of the most experienced TCM (Top Column Module) suppliers, offering high-end Top Column solutions for the entire automotive market worldwide. From city cars through luxury sedans, via the most demanding truck specifications: they're all fitted with Valeo TCM modules.  
The functional diversity of the new Valeo TCM modules means they can be adapted to innovative automotive architectures with the flexibility of modular units and a highly developed integrated design.
In addition to its key indicator and wiper functions, the TCM module acts as an interface with the steering wheel.
New functions such as steering wheel heating, bend lighting and active steering improve driver comfort and ease of use.
A high-precision steering angle sensor, available also as a standalone product, provides ESP and drowsiness detection to improve driving safety. Multiple data interfaces in the vehicle are also handled, including the latest Flexray interface pioneered by Valeo. 
  • Contactors which comply with the ISO 26262 safety standard.
  • Auto-cruise – and limiter function with distance monitoring and lever lighting.
  • Contactless gear selection contactor with built-in safety.
  • Rotary interface contact with silent short-tape steering wheel.
  • Intelligent steering wheel heating control (up to a maximum 120W) and vibrating motor for lane-change warnings.
  • Reduced power consumption in use and in standby.
  • High-resolution (≤0,1°) steering angle sensor with ultra-low hysteresis, compliant with ISO 26262 standard.
  • Handles most vehicle interfaces: Highspeed CAN, Lowspeed CAN, LIN, Flexray, etc.
  • State-of-the-art ergonomics and visual design.
  • Weight reduction (20%).
  • Integrated mechanical or electrical steering column lock, immobilizer system and keyless receiver.
  • Polyphonic sound.


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