Valeo's SCALA laser scanner is the first laser scanner for the automotive volume production. This technology is a key enabler for highly automated driving thanks to its unique combination of a large detection range, wide field of view and accuracy.
Valeo SCALA scans the area in front of the vehicle and detects vehicles, motorbikes, pedestrians and static obstacles. Using the collected data, the scanner enables creation of a map of the environment allowing to analyze and anticipate events around the vehicle. This technology as well serves to enhance active safety by initiating measures such like evasion maneuvers or emergency breaking.
Valeo's technologically innovative SCALA can be used as part of the highly automated Drive4U® solution, as shown during a demonstration in real traffic conditions at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas. When in automated mode, the system takes full control of the vehicle's steering, acceleration and the brakes. The Drive4U® innovation also includes enhanced active safety features that not only make driving safer in both manual or automated mode but also help to increase the efficiency of car travel.
In addition, Valeo SCALA was the key technology featured in the automated valet parking prototype Valet Park4U® as shown at the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt.


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