The mission of the Powertrain Systems Business Group is to develop innovative powertrain solutions aimed at reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without compromising on the pleasure and dynamics of driving.
These innovations cover a complete product range, from the optimization of internal combustion engines to the varying degrees of electrification of vehicles, from Stop-Start systems to the electric car.

Organization of the Powertrain Systems Business Group

Powertrain Systems has four Product Groups:

  • Electrical Systems;
  • Transmissions Systems;
  • Combustion Engine Systems;
  • Electronics.

Technologies of the Powertrain Systems Business Group

(figures at end december 2014 - * Figure at end June 2015)

billion euros of sales
or 26% of the group’s sales
production sites
development centers
research centers

Linda Wolny

CAD Designer

Linda Wolny
People in Valeo are open-minded, helpful and supportive.

Sandra Forestier

APU Manager

Sandra Forestier
Valeo is a growing company which believes in the involvement of its employees.

Seiji Momoi

Site R&D Manager

Seiji Momoi
I love cars and contributing to develop innovative cars on the market through my job is a great motivation.

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