"I love cars and contributing to develop innovative cars on the market through my job is a great motivation."

Seiji Momoi

Why did you join Valeo?
I join Valeo in 2000 during the joint venture between Unisia Jecs and Valeo to set up Valeo Unisia Transmissions.

Is it important for you to work for a growing international Group?
I want to continue to work in the automotive industry which is today a worldwide business. So working for such an international Group is perfect for me.

Do you have the feeling to work in a diverse environment and why? And what are the characteristics of diversity at work for you?
Yes, we work in a very diverse environment and to be honest sometimes it's difficult for me to deal with such diverse cultures and people. But it will help me to improve my negotiation skills, my international mindset, and any other competence helping me to work in a diverse environment.

What are the characteristics of the Valeo operational culture and Values for you?
Valeo's operational culture could be defined as well structured and standardized. The aim is to improve our performance by respecting these structures and standards.

Do you have an international exposure in your job and what does it bring to you?
Yes I have many opportunities to be exposed to an international environment. For example, I took part to several committees in my Product Line (worldwide). Through this exposure, I can see the technology trends in the world, with a positive impact on my job.

Is it important for you to contribute to a better automotive world?
I love cars and contributing to develop innovative cars in the market through my job is a great motivation.

What would you say about training at Valeo?
Valeo provides a lot of E-learning which is a very efficient training tool to develop my skills.

Why are you proud to be a Valeoman?
I'm proud because Valeo is well known in the automotive industry all over the world.

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