Transmission automation: the Valeo Dry Double Clutch is the optimal answer to consumer expectations and CO2 targets.
Transmission automation is a growing global trend. 
Several technologies contribute to this feature: Automatic Transmissions, Automated Manuel Transmissions and Double Clutch Transmissions. 
The Double Clutch Transmission cuts CO2 emissions by between 6% and 10% compared to a traditional Automatic Transmission.
There are two double clutch technologies: wet and dry. 
Valeo has designed a Dry Double Clutch module with lower CO2 consumption and emissions than a Wet Double Clutch.
In addition, its design features fewer components than competing products, which makes it more reliable.
Valeo Dry Double Clutch  have two clutches and three clutch plates whose rotation is linked to the engine’s flywheel.
The clutch on the plate’s motor side engages both when starting and when shifting to odd gears.
The clutch on the plate’s gearbox side engages only when shifting to even gears and reverse. Each of the two parts alternately transmits torque to one of the two axial transmission input shafts.
The Valeo module is associated with energy-efficient electro-mechanical actuators, resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of 6% to 10% compared to an automatic transmission with the same number of gears, and a reduction of 4% compared to a wet double clutch.
The electro-mechanical actuators also enable the sliding of the two clutch plates to be controlled in a precise, synchronized manner.
They include an assisting spring which reduces electrical consumption. Thanks to this feature, the Valeo module offers better performance than that of a traditional automatic transmissions.
The smooth acceleration when changing gears, without torque interruption, offers improved comfort and performance compared to an automated manual transmission.
In addition, when stationary, the clutches are disengaged (actively closed by the command system), for enhanced safety.
The complete module, comprising dual dry clutch, vibration filtering system, controls and their command system, was entirely designed by Valeo teams.
Valeo's Dry Double Clutch is extremely compact, and can be easily fitted to a large number of transmissions.
By the end of 2014, the production of Valeo Dry Double Clutch will be in production at North American and Asian car makers.


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