The electric supercharger combines fun-to-drive with a reduction in fuel consumption.  
As part of its strategy of developing solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, Valeo is the first automotive supplier to offer its customers a range of electric superchargers, enhancing the dynamic response of engines at low revolutions while optimizing the performance of the combustion engine. 
Unlike turbochargers driven by exhaust gas, the electric supercharger (operating with an electric motor) responds instantaneously.
This strengthens engine torque at low revolutions, eliminates turbo lag and improves the vehicle's acceleration.
This innovation also enables the downsizing of combustion engines, an important factor in reducing fuel consumption. In a 12-volt architecture, fuel saving of 8% to 10% is reachable. 
When coupled with a Valeo energy recovery system, the electric supercharger has the energy required to function while reducing the vehicle’s fuel consumption (by 15% to 20% in the standard European driving cycle).
Less intrusive in the engine architecture, the system can be fitted rapidly and at a lower cost on new or existing vehicles. 
The electric supercharger system has been successfully demonstrated on naturally aspirated engines from one to 2.4 liters , as well as on turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines from one to four liters (downsizing and downspeeding – longer gear ratios, optimization of vehicle performance).
The electric supercharger has been developed for different electric architectures: 12, 24 and 48 volts.


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