Valeo’s Hybrid4All system is the result of a better trade-off between price and performance, making hybrid technology affordable for everyone. It is suitable for all types of vehicle, particularly entry-level vehicles (A, B and C segments).
Hybrid4All combines a conventional combustion engine with a low-power electric engine, generating up to 15% reductions in fuel consumption and halving the cost per gram of CO2 saved compared to a hybrid on the market today. 
Three factors have contributed to this performance:
  • simplification: the system has been optimized, using a single electric motor and single electronic unit. The size of the system's components has been optimally reduced to the strict minimum.
  • standardization:  the use of standardized components has reduced the overall cost of the system,
  • integration: integration by the automakers has been simplified, requiring no changes to the transmission, since the electric motor replaces the starter. 
Valeo's Hybrid4All is compatible with diesel and gasoline engines.
This system will enable automakers to meet the future European target of 95g of CO2 per kilometer to be introduced in 2020. 
Hybrid4All has the following functions:

  • enriched stop-start, with the possibility of cutting the combustion engine at higher speeds, faster starting, etc
  • high-efficiency power generation,
  • regenerative deceleration and braking,
  • torque assistance to enable the downsizing (reducing engine size) and downspeeding (longer gear ratios) of the combustion engine,
  • start-up in electric mode,
  • ability to use electric mode for low-speed maneuvers, limited acceleration or at stable speeds of up to 70 km per hour.


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