"I want to be part of something big. I want to know that my job is contributing to make Valeo a top automotive supplier in the market.
I would choose Valeo again if given another chance."

Eder Garcia

Why did you join Valeo?
A friend of mine had been working for Valeo as a trainee for three months. He told me Valeo was the perfect place for us to exercise our logical thinking and to gain experience. As a trainee, he had similar responsibilities as an engineer. I knew right away Valeo was the company I wanted to work for and grow with.

Is it important for you to work for a growing international Group?
Yes, absolutely !
I want to be part of something big. I want to know that my job is contributing to a site or region to achieve their objectives but also for our Group to be the top automotive supplier in the market.

Do you have the feeling to work in a diverse environment and why? And what are the characteristics of diversity at work for you?
As a Brazilian, I have had the opportunity for the last 8 years to work for Valeo in the USA. It has been an incredible experience and a great opportunity to share experiences with people from all over the world and from different countries. I am in extremely close contact with colleagues from France, England, Mexico, India and of course, USA.
Moreover, as a Regional SQA Manager, my team is split between the USA and Mexico. My Hierarchical Managers are located in the USA and in Europe (France & Spain). Of course, I would like to see more gender diversity ; I currently have only one woman in my team since the other has recently accepted a new position as a Quality Engineer.

What are the characteristics of the Valeo operational culture and Values for you?
For me, the most significant characteristic of Valeo culture and the one that I take with me even when I’m not at work is “always Speak with Data”. Time is one of the most important things these days. I am a strong believer that every time we speak without data or that we make decisions based on statements that are not based on data, we are all wasting our time. Valeo has taught me to strive for data and always request people around me to do the same.

Do you have an international exposure in your job and what does it bring to you?
I am part of a team which gives me an international exposure. It is really important to note that dealing with Japanese, Chinese, German companies with plants in the USA and Mexico gives me an even broader international experience.

What would you say about training at Valeo?
The balance between “in class” and “on the job” training is just right. The exposure to the real world has helped me to consolidate what I have learned in training sessions from Valeo C@mpus or given by our Instructors. I am also proud to help Valeo team members to learn more about our culture.

Why are you proud to be a Valeoman / Valeowoman?
Valeo has been the only company I have ever worked for. The professionalism I have developed here was made possible thanks to the opportunities, the training and exposure Valeo has given me. When I joined Valeo, I was an inexperienced Engineer eager to learn more and more. I knew I wanted to manage and lead a high performance team. I used to have difficulties in getting my point across, speaking in public, etc. Today I can say I’ve built and now lead a high performance team but I am still eager to learn different things, face new challenges and to continue to succeed within Valeo.

Eder joined Valeo thanks to a friend’s referral. He started working as a Quality trainee in Itatiba (Brazil) before being promoted as Quality Engineer. At the end of 2006, he was promoted as Quality Systems Coordinator in the USA. After 1.5 years, he took a new position as Site SQA Manager and now he is Regional Operations SQA Manager.

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