An innovative solution that combines performance with a compact design. The air intake module developed by Valeo helps to improve the efficiency of turbo-charged combustion engines. Thus it contributes to reduction of fuel consumption and reduction of the level of pollutant emissions. Furthermore the time to torque is shortened meaning the vehicle’s acceleration behavior is improved.

The air intake module incorporates a water cooled charge air cooler (WCAC), a throttle body, a high-pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve, temperature sensor(s) and a high pressure EGR distribution rail integrated into the outlet flange of the air intake manifold.

The Air Intake Module mixes recirculated exhaust gas with cooled air, then re-injects it into each cylinder.

Indirect or water charge air cooling (WCAC) technology offers firstly the possibility of charge air thermal management by regulating the coolant flow and secondly the possibility to reduce the air volume between compressor of the turbocharger and the intake ports of the engine.

This technology provides a solution between the conflicting targets of compact packaging, the achievement of the charge air cooler thermal performance target and the reduction of gas side pressure drop and in that way contributes to improved transient engine behavior.

The WCAC integrated in the air intake offers less architectural complexity, intake air temperature stability independent of engine load as well as improved transient behavior of the engine due to the reduction of charge air volume and charge air side pressure drop compared to a conventional charge air path with air charge air cooling (ACAC) systems. For engines equipped with a low pressure (LP) exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, the charge air thermal management is enabled by regulation of the coolant flow and thus condensation effects and icing can be avoided.

Valeo has developed a modular range of WCAC air intake modules and WCAC components. The range covers the requirements of both Diesel and Gasoline engines from 2 cyl. to 8 cyl. Specific focus was given to the development of corrosion resistance improved heat exchanger materials to withstand the engine environment due to the use of recirculated exhaust gas.

Valeo is a leading player in this field having introduced world-wide first to the market the WCAC for both 4cyl Gasoline in 2007and Diesel engines in 2011.


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