Valeo offers optimal thermal management for electric vehicles. 
Today, the environment is central in the automotive world’s debate. Environmental standards require European automakers to reduce CO2 emissions. Valeo is developing systems to guarantee the optimal thermal management of electric vehicles in order to support automakers in their search for alternative motorization solutions to the traditional internal combustion engine.
Electric vehicles need batteries to perfom. They are expensive and very delicate : they are subject to weather variations and heat up, notably while the vehicle is being charged.
To ensure the longevity and performance of the battery, its temperature must be maintained between 20°C and 40°C and must not be subjected to sudden changes in temperature. Valeo offers battery thermal management systems, based on air cooling systems and on liquid cooling solutions using cold plates placed in contact with the batteries. 

There are currently two methods used to manage battery temperature:
  • Air cooling
    - Passive cooling: a blower pushes ambient air across the batteries to cool them, offering a compact, silent solution.
    - Active cooling: a complete module blows air cooled by the integrated evaporator across the batteries, offering active cooling for vehicles with a greater degree of electrification.
  • Cooling using cold plates in contact with the batteries. These plates can be supplied with cold liquid from the chiller, an exchanger connected to both the cooling circuit and the air-conditioning circuit, or can be supplied directly by the air-conditioning refrigerant. These solutions are highly effective and ultra compact.
They can all be used on hybrid, rechargeable hybrid and electric vehicles. They optimize the lifetime of batteries and ensure the vehicle’s reliability, autonomy and performance. 


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