Providing thermal comfort to each of the vehicle’s occupants.
The HVAC unit is a system that heats or cools air drawn from outside the vehicle and distributes it to the various passengers at the required temperature.

Valeo offers a full range of HVAC systems that fulfill automakers’ specifications and users’ needs, covering both manual and automatic air conditioning, as well as delivering ventilation from one to six zones in the vehicle, offering an excellent level of comfort and personalization.

Multi-zone HVAC systems provide optimum comfort for each passenger, but other technologies and features can be added:

  • Individual temperature adjustment for each vehicle zone: It is now possible for each passenger to manage individually the temperature and air flow in their own zone. Valeo is also working on new-generation air conditioning systems that reduce energy consumption while improving the autonomy of hybrid and electric vehicles. The systems cut air flow when a zone is unoccupied, while increasing air recirculation to improve local comfort (by recycling air already heated or cooled in the cabin, it takes less time for the required temperature to be reached, thereby avoiding excess energy consumption).  
  • Air treatment: Valeo offers personalizable controls to improve air quality inside the cabin: a fragrance diffuser to create a relaxing or reviving atmosphere, an air purifier (featuring an ionizer to eliminate unpleasant odors thanks to positive ions and to create a calming environment thanks to negative ions), and an anti-allergen cabin filter to neutralize allergens carried in with pollens. 
Valeo offers a wide range of HVAC architectures to meet all needs, by combining innovative components: 
  • Exchangers: radiators and evaporators in different sizes and with different features (plate or tube technology, mechanical or brazed). For hybrid vehicles, Valeo also offers storage evaporators to maintain thermal comfort even when the engine is switched off.
  • Actuators to control air distribution shutters: Valeo is working to reduce the size of these miniature motors to help reduce the size and weight of the air conditioning unit.
  • Blower motor: The new-generation brushless blowers reduce noise levels and save up to 10% of the HVAC unit's consumption.
Additional heaters: Valeo offers a wide range of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) to adapt to power needs and to speed up cabin warming when engine is still cold. 


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