The new two-vane rotary compressor for more compact vehicles.

Valeo has been producing air-conditioning compressors for more than 50 years. Vane rotary compressors are one of the main products in Valeo’s line of thermal products. Valeo’s first five-vane rotary compressor, launched in 1980, was a world first.
Today, with years of experience behind it, Valeo is offering a new simple two-vane rotary compressor which is developed to meet the needs of compact vehicles throughout the world. The first models are being produced in Thailand for automakers.
By moving to a simpler two-vane design, production and local purchasing has become much easier.  The result is a product that offers a good balance between cost optimization and performance; noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) reduction and reliability
  • Simple two-vane structure
  • Easily machinable round cylinder
  • More efficient air-conditioning system with an integrated oil separator
  • Noise reduction due to a positive displacement silencer


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