Valeo Service

Valeo Service,
from original equipment leadership to Aftermarket excellence

Our Multi-specialist expertise is rooted in our genes. As one of the leading automotive systems designer and manufacturer, nothing is more natural for Valeo than to deliver 14 product lines for passenger cars and 8 product lines for heavy duty, serving all distribution channels, from carmaker networks to the Independent Aftermarket and modern distribution, in more than 120 countries all over the world.

Valeo Service, your Multi-product specialist

Valeo has organized its 14 product lines for passenger cars and 8 lines for heavy duty vehicles, into five transversal «markets» covering each area of expertise required by the Independent Aftermarket.



This market combines products such as clutches, alternators, starters, thermal systems and switches. In addition, it offers specific training and diagnostic tools adapted to this demanding, highly technical professional activity.


Valeo Service Entretien

A high-rotation range of all products needed for vehicle maintenance, targeting distributors, garages and end-consumers. This market enables a distributor to combine all Valeo products that need to be replaced on a regular basis: wiper blades, filters, brake fluids and coolants, brake pads, discs and shoes, plugs, bulbs.


Valeo Service Choc

This market is for body repair professionals who use Valeo product lines to repair damage caused in impacts to parts such as optical units, radiators, condensers, locks or cooling fan units. This market-based approach facilitates the work of body shops by simplifying their supply system.

Post-equipment solutions

Valeo Service Post Equipement

This range supplements original vehicle equipment with a selection of products and accessories that enhance safety, comfort and pleasure at the wheel. It includes electronic driving and parking assistance solutions and customization accessories (lights, filler caps, etc.).


Valeo Service Poids Lourds

This range of high-technology products, specialized training and know-how in technical assistance, is specially adapted to meeting the specific needs of even the most demanding professionals for trucks, coaches, buses, agricultural vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles.

Valeo Service, your Multi-channel specialist

As a multi-specialist, Valeo is committed to staying as close to its customers as possible. That’s why it has developed a differentiated service offer adapted to the specific needs of each channel of distribution

  • Marketing services  for trading groups or traditional garages such as range management with dedicated offers: Valeo CLASSIC for vehicles aged 10 years and older, Valeo Asian range dedicated to Japanese and Korean vehicles; but also for autocentres, hypermarkets or Web delaers such as category management and merchandising expertise. 
  • Sell out services to support its customers before, during and after purchase: product catalogues in paper or electronic version, virtual tours of our test labs or assembly videos accessible via QR-codes. 
  • Logistic services with 12 distribution platforms all over the world
  • Technical services for heavy duty vehicle specialists and traditionnal garages, such as dedicated Website and local hotlines but also for end-users (product filtment vidéos). 

Our wide range of services aims to ensure full satisfaction for professionals and end users all over the world.

Valeo Service, your Multi-territory specialist

Valeo Service Présence Mondiale

In order to brings Aftermarket the closest answer to its daily needs, Valeo has dedicated teams all over the world:

  • Europe
    > Valeo Service France
    > Valeo Service Eastern Europe
    > Valeo Service Germany
    > Valeo Service Northern Europe
    > Valeo Service Russia
    > Valeo Service Spain (Spain + Portugal)
    > Valeo Service United-Kingdom and Eire
    > Valeo Service Adriatica 
  • Middle East
    > Valeo Service Turkey (Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, KSA, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrein, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afganistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armania, kazakhistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan)
  • North America
    > Valeo Service U.S.A. 
  • South America
    > Valeo Service South America (Brazil and Argentina)
  • Asia
    > Valeo Service India Auto Parts
    > Valeo Service China (Valeo Auto Part Trading (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD) 

Other territories are addressed by the Valeo Service Export division.

Employees testimonials

Emilie Fahrner, Site Management Development Manager, Saint-Denis (France)
"I’m proud to be a Valeo woman because I recognize myself in the Valeo strategy of CO2 reduction."
Emilie Fahrner
John Groenen, Division Sales Manager, Helmond (Netherlands)
“Working for an innovative company like Valeo makes me grow as an individual.”
John Groenen

Innovations and Products for the Aftermarket

beep&park/vision™ new technology


beep&park/vision™ is Valeo’s ultimate parking assistance system, which makes the most of the latest innovations. It combines a new rear camera with new reversing radars that send audible and visual signals every time the driver parks. It’s the ideal solution for adding optional equipment, whatever the vehicle.

Flat Blade Truck

Flat Blade Truck

Already successful on passenger cars, with 9 new vehicles out of 10 equipped with Flat Blade in O.E., Flat Blade technology is now a must-have. As N°1 O.E.M. supplier for wiper systems worldwide, Valeo has designed a Flat Blade specifically adapted to trucks. Truck drivers are now able to upgrade their original conventional blade and benefit from all the advantages of the Flat Blade.



optiPACK™ is the Valeo innovative truck brake pad solution developed for the Aftermarket. It has been designed to enable professionals to save time, minimize vehicle downtime and simplify ordering. This “all-in-one” kit includes the brake pads, accessories and wear indicators required to complete a secure brake pad replacement. optiPACK™ is an easy-to-sell, easy-to-store and easy-to-fit solution for all commercial vehicle segments, including light to heavy trucks, semi-trailers, buses and coaches. With only 57 part numbers, including 30 new in 2012, optiPACK™ covers 92% of all European trucks.



NU-LOK™ is the new generation of enhanced performance anti-noise shims, which provide a secure attachment to the pad plate. NU-LOK™ is specifically designed to cover all the contact points of the plate to caliper fit. Thanks to its geometry, the NU-LOK™ shim completely isolates the piston, avoiding even minimum steel-to-steel contact and then optimizing the anti-noise performance. In addition, thanks to the NU-LOK™ locking finger attachment system, the shim on the pad is self-attached, providing a secure attachment to the pad plate. On the road and during braking, the piston force makes the pad shift, and this tends to damage the traditional shim and compromises the integrity of the system.

Valeo smart packagings, QR-codes and rich media

Emballage Valeo avec QR-codes

Valeo offers a new interactive service to help users replace the main- tenance products on their vehicles, in the form of videos which guide them as they select, fit and use their Valeo products. They are accessible for free, on the packaging of an increasing number of Valeo products. With a smartphone or tablet, users can flash the QR-codes on the front of the pack and view these instructional videos, available in up to nine languages, as often as they like.

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