&"I’m proud to be a Valeo woman because I recognize myself into Valeo strategy of CO2 reduction."

Emilie Fahrner

Why did you join Valeo?
I wanted to work in an international company and I heard that Valeo was a great school. My main goal was – and still is – to learn as much as possible and develop my skills.

Is it important for you to work for a growing international Group?
Yes, for different reasons. First I had several personal experiences abroad which I really liked and I appreciate to have the opportunity again to communicate with different cultures within Valeo. Working in an international environment also allows to deal with different challenges, priorities and to be more flexible and open. It is also very appreciable to use the five languages I speak in my daily work.

Do you have the feeling to work in a diverse environment and why? And what are the characteristics of diversity at work for you?
I’m responsible for two entities within Valeo Service, one of them splitted into 11 different countries. That means having contacts with people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences, and you cannot deal with them in the same way. Generally speaking teams and management committees are composed of both women and men from different nationalities.

What are the characteristics of the Valeo operational culture and Values for you?
Team work: working in projects is part of our working environment and that’s very stimulating. People within Valeo are always available to share information and provide help when needed; you know that you can always rely on somebody, especially when you are new in the company. Empowerment: managers give a lot of autonomy to their teams when people show that they are reliable. You can come with new ideas, projects,… and you can really broaden your job by adding new missions, projects, responsibilities,… You really are responsible for your missions and whatever your status, you are considered for your competences.

Do you have an international exposure in your job and what does it bring to you?
I’m responsible for career management for about 40 employees worldwide. That means international topics and daily contacts with managers and employees in other countries.

Is it important for you to contribute to a better automotive world?
Automotive industry is not an easy sector and it requires to follow more closely individuals to ensure a positive work environment. I think that reducing the CO2 emissions is an important challenge and from that point of view, Valeo green innovations are contributing to a better (automotive) world.

What would you say about training at Valeo?
Valeo’s aim is to offer at least one training per year per employee. That’s why elaborating a training plan is part of Valeo mandatory HR processes and is closely followed by Training Managers both at Site and Business Group levels. I had personally the opportunity to follow several trainings (Management Skills Training, Product Trainings,...).

Why are you proud to be a Valeowoman?
I’m proud to be a Valeo woman because I recognize myself into Valeo strategy of CO2 reduction. I also think Valeo is a flexible company with a global outlook. Finally, we share a sense of belonging to Valeo.

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