"International exposure in my job brings me additional experience and know-how including some best practices from different countries or plants."

Michal Odyniec

Why did you join Valeo?
Being a young engineer with "theoretical knowledge", I have decided to start working for an automotive company. My aim was to combine professional future with my passion and to stay in the beautiful city of Krakow...

Is it important for you to work for a growing international Group?
It looks like a rhetorical question for me. I think this is crucial for most of the young and motivated people. Having great opportunity to grow and develop your professional career creating the added value for the Group!

Do you have the feeling to work in a diverse environment and why? And what are the characteristics of diversity at work for you?
Diversity makes our work more interesting and generates a room for additional pro-activity. It also requires from us a certain level of reactivity and ability to adapt.
One of the main characteristics is working on different areas, which may vary and change dynamically on a daily basis, as well as working for a multi-cultural organization. As a Manager, I fully support diversity at work.

What are the characteristics of the Valeo operational culture and Values for you?
Our operational culture is created by the Values which should never be forgotten by either the Manager or any Valeo man or woman. Teamwork is the one giving big added value for the Group, since for me the meaning of "Teamwork" can be explained as: Together Everybody Achieves More. The most efficient team is the empowered one, empowerment being also one of our core Values.

Do you have an international exposure in your job and what does it bring to you?
Obviously yes. This brings additional experience and know-how including some best practices from different countries or plants. On the other hand, by being in a "Mother" plant, I have an opportunity to develop start-up "Daughter" plants!

Is it important for you to contribute to a better automotive world?
Yes, like for most of us. Everybody wants to drive "better" cars which are more and more equipped with the safety devices.

What would you say about training at Valeo?
Quite wide range! Everyone may find appropriate training to develop his/her skills or abilities. E-learning modules are also interesting to complete.

Why are you proud to be a Valeoman?
A couple of years ago, I have received great professional opportunity from Valeo for my career. That makes me proud to be a Valeo man indeed!

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