With reversible motors, wiper system becomes more intelligent and silent.
Thanks to integrated electronics and software, reversible motors offer precision wiping, noise reduction, optimized wiper motor sizing and increased wiper blade life. This contributes to improve safety and comfort, CO2 emission reductions and lower cost of ownership.
Regardless of vehicle speed, wiping speed and rain conditions, the system wipes closer to the windshield pillars, increasing visibility and safety. The electronics allow for the wipers to be positioned under the hood when they are not in use and control the motor speed especially at blade reversal. This limits noise both during operation and at iddle thanks to an undisturbed air stream. When not in use the rubber element position is alternated, reducing the rubber permanent set phenomenon and therefore increasing wiper blade life.
Reversible motors are a new generation of wiper motors that offer new features and weigh less.

Conventional motors generate a continuous rotating movement, whereas reversible motors can rotate in one direction, stop, then rotate in the other direction. This reversible movement is electronically controlled. The additional features are:

  • Wipers are stowed under the hood when not in use
  • High-precision blade angles for wiping closer to the windshield pillars
  • Longer wiper blade lifetime
  • Reduced noise when the blade changes direction
  • Reduced motor weight and size (thanks to the electronics which allows the motor to avoid extreme use).


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