Valeo considers its employees to be its most valuable asset. Its human resources policy is therefore firmly focused on developing their full potential.

Valeo aims to recruit15,000employeesby 2015

Valeo's human resources policy is based on the Group’s culture, forged around operational excellence, a set of shared values and a strong commitment to social, societal and environmental issues. That’s what it means to be Valeo.
This policy is also designed to prepare and support Valeo's international development, notably through a dynamic hiring policy, especially in high-growth regions.
Looking further ahead, our approach to human resources aims to be global, favoring internal mobility and training, so that we can offer every employee the best career development opportunities within the Group.
This policy also aims to emphasize the Group's values, its ethical principles and good governance (« compliance »), the promotion of diversity and gender balance, well-being at work and a better work-life balance.

Diversity and gender balance are essential factors for competitiveness at Valeo. At December 31, 2012, women represented 33% of the Group’s workforce.

Recruitment and relations with schools and universities

To support this dynamic policy, Valeo maintains close partnerships with specific internationally renowned schools and universities.

Valeo, sponsoring the future


  • Valeo sponsors the student association ShARE, for students from the most prestigious Asian universities, and helped organize the association’s international seminar in Bangalore (India) in December 2011.


  • Valeo sponsors the Ingénieur d’Audencia Nantes network, which allows graduate engineers to qualify at this renowned business school through a specific study program.
  • Valeo also sponsors the Elles Bougent association which promotes careers in the transport sector among female high school and university students, by sponsoring career events with the aid of Valeo sponsors.

Internal mobility and individual development

The Group has
more than 750 Experts
3,561 engineers and managers benefited from career devleopment actions in 2013

Encouraging mobility within the Group, in all countries in which it operates, is one of the founding principles of Valeo’s human resources policy.

Our aim is to fill at least three out of four posts internally.To this end, a succession and development plan is drawn up each year, in order to identify the next stage or stages in the career path of each engineer and manager.

A targeted approach to international mobility
To encourage the transfer of cultures, technologies and working methods, and to offer international career opportunities, Valeo sends some 50 experienced managers abroad every year. The Group has set up a shared services center, devoted to managing international mobility, in order to provide high level support with for these moves.

Recognized Experts
Being an Expert at Valeo means following a parallel career path, with the same status as a manager and with additional technical responsibilities. Our system for recognizing Experts, both in products and processes, led to the appointment in 2011 of 80 new Experts, the promotion of 15 Experts to a higher status, and the renewal of 132 Expert appointments.


The Group constantly monitors the employment market in order to remain competitive so that it can motivate and retain its talent. It must also adapt its practices by offering appropriate remuneration to its employees throughout the world. The Group maintains competitive salaries in particularly volatile employment markets such as Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Poland, Mexico and Thailand, while also adapting its employee benefits.


In 2013,more than 1.3 million training hours were dispensed, covering 90 % of employees around the world

In a highly competitive environment, training is an essential means of improving employee skills, and is a key element in the Group’s attractiveness as an employer. The Group's training strategy is based on several learning techniques designed to accommodate people's time constraints and travel schedules, and also the subjects addressed, the methods used and the individual pace of learning.

To achieve the greatest flexibility and efficiency, educational tools are designed in the form of training paths. Valeo aims to alternate theory and practice so that employees learn to implement the skills acquired in their day-to-day work. E-learning covers all areas: compliance, ethics, languages, IT skills, management, technical knowledge, personal development and communication. It is regularly enhanced with new modules, mainly designed in-house. In the light of Valeo's international expansion, the Group places particular emphasis on language learning and training programs in cross-cultural relations, which together accounted for 9% of training in 2011.

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