Valeo has placed the reduction of CO2 emissions at the very heart of its strategy, with the goal of improving the energy efficiency of vehicles.

Valeo is also committed to cutting CO2 emissions from its production plants. The Group has set itself the target of reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions relative to sales by 10% between 2013 and 2015, on the basis of its performance in 2012.

Direct emissions of greenhouse gases/sales

In order to comply with France's "Grenelle 2" regulations, Valeo included emissions generated by its fleet of vehicles and by the biochemical processing involved in some industrial procedures in its 2011 carbon footprint. In 2012, Valeo also included emissions due to leaks of refrigerants.

Taking these figures into account, Valeo has reduced direct greenhouse gas emissions by 1.5% in relation to sales since 2009.

On a like-for-like basis compared to 2009, direct emissions of greenhouses gases have fallen by 22% in relation to sales.

Valeo also emits greenhouse gases indirectly, through the power stations that supply its electricity.

By reducing their electricity consumption, the sites are helping to reduce the Group's carbon footprint.

See also the “Energy” section, which describes the main initiatives taken by the sites to reduce consumption.

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