Our Human Resources policy aims to provide continuous development for the Group’s employees at every level.
As a responsible employer, Valeo strives to give its employees the keys to understanding all issues relating to their Group.

Valeo’s Human Resources policy is strongly focused on maximizing the potential of its employees. This global policy is based on the promotion of training and mobility so that we offer each individual the best prospects for career development within the Group. This policy also aims to emphasize the Group's values, its ethic and compliance principles,its actions to promote diversity and gender balance among employees,safety at work and well-being (notably to encourage a good work-life balance).

All these aspects help to boost the Group's appeal as an employer as it prepares to hire 15,000 new employees by 2015.

Under 30s represent 31,8 % of the workforce
There are 106 different nationalities represented at valeo
In 2013
women accounted for 32% of valeo’s workforce
89,8% of
personnel benefited
from at least one training session in 2013

Life at work

Valeo is particularly attentive to safety and well-being at work for its employees, and is increasing the number of initiatives taken at its sites to ensure all personnel benefit from the best possible working conditions in order to carry out their tasks. Since 2010, the Group's employees in France have benefit from an  agreement on "Well-being at work" (French only), that was signed with trade unions. This agreement restates the importance the Group places on the physical and mental well-being of its employees. It defines a psychosocial risk evaluation procedure for the Group and lists a number of measures for improving well-being in the workplace. At the end of 2011, the Group's management rolled out this approach to all countries in which Valeo operates.

Ergonomics and safety

Ergonomics and safety are two of the most important contributing factors to "well-being at work”. These two areas are the focus of an ongoing policy consisting of the the deployment of specific training programs,, including e-learning sessions, and the establishment of notification procedures in the case of lost-time accidents not involving certified absence, or in the case of a risk that might lead to an accident.

Social responsibility

Valeo diversité

Because diversity among employees contributes to the rich life of the Group and to its competitiveness, Valeo has made social responsibility one of its priorities.
The Group strives to promote employment for women and equal opportunities between men and women,, while supporting cultural diversity. Intergenerational diversity is also essential: Valeo benefits from the experience of mature workers, allowing it to anticipate and pass on skills, and encourages the integration of all generations within the Group.
Valeo also contributes to initial training for young people, notably through apprenticeship schemes.
Our commitment also extends to the integration and employment of people with disabilities, notably through the Group Disability Agreement (French only) signed in France with the trade unions. In addition to actions involving direct employment, Valeo has signed subcontracting and service contracts with specially adapted companies.

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