We count all the major international automakers among our customers. To fulfill their requirements, Valeo has put in place a sales policy on all continents, based on close relations with each and every customer, and listening closely to their needs.

For our customers we are more than a supplier, we are a true partner.

A sales policy based on partnerships

Valeo's worldwide presence

Our sales policy encompasses so much more than customer-supplier relations: we form solid partnerships to help our customers develop their markets on all continents.
Being a good partner means:

  • Listening to and understanding our customers, and anticipating their needs and the way the market is developing.
  • Involving customers in pre-project developments to get their feedback.
  • Being part of a network, and working closely with decision-makers and their international teams.
  • Satisfying customers’ needs in terms of quality, costs and leadtime.

We are constantly adapting and optimizing our industrial footprint to reflect the evolving demands of our customers and the market. Valeo now has production facilities in each of the world’s major vehicle assembly regions and is creating new sites in countries that offer the most competitive production costs combined with the highest quality.

Sales teams working closely with their customers

Valeo has nearly 700 employees around the world responsible for day-to-day customer relations
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To ensure it is constantly adapting to automakers’ needs, Valeo has put in place a Sales and Business Development structure with four components:

1. The International Sales network: consisting of Sales Directors each attached to a group product family, which defines the sales strategy and is responsible for day-to-day customer relations.

2. Group Customer Directors: each director represents Valeo in its dealings with a given automaker and coordinates relations with this customer across all the Business Groups.

3. National Directorates: acting as veritable ambassadors for Valeo in given geographical areas, the 13 National Directorates are responsible for promoting the brand, developing privileged relations with key customers and resolving local legal or employment issues as necessary.

4. The International Development Network: made up of the International Development Directors of each Business Group, this network identifies market opportunities in high-growth countries, defines and implements the external growth strategy for the Business Groups, and manages relations with external partners.

Customer events: experiencing Valeo innovations in real life

Working closely with automakers means involving them right from the start of our innovation program, which in turn allows them to satisfy the needs of their customers. We visit automakers to show them the results of our development work at the pre-project stage. And because the best way of demonstrating the quality of our products is to see them in operation, we hold Ride & Drive events for business and platform managers, R&D directors, product marketing managers, purchasing managers and so on, so that they can test drive our innovations for themselves. These customer contacts can try our technologies in real-life conditions on a private track, using specially equipped demo vehicles.

Listening to consumers

As part of its proactive approach and to anticipate consumer demand, Valeo carries out consumer surveys, allowing it to match drivers’ needs as closely as possible and consequently to offer automakers ever more innovative concepts. Such surveys strengthen the Group’s technological lead and boost its differentiating strategy on a highly competitive market.

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