To serve its customers around the world and fulfill their demands most effectively, Valeo operates in 29 countries and works closely with the major global automakers on all their markets.
This ensures that the Group is able to rise to the challenges of the market by tailoring its approach at a global and/or local level, as necessary, in its relations with automakers.
Valeo applies its strategy in line with a policy of sustainable development.

in 29 countries
research centers
development centers
production sites*
distribution platforms

(figures at end december 2014 - * figures at end June 2015)

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Guangzhou Niles Electronics Co., Niles Trading, Ltd
Lingxi Road North, Auto city, Xinhua Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong
510800, Guangzhou
Tel : +8620 8968-3222
Fax : +8620 8968-3168
China Management
Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems
VALEO Automotive Security Systems (Wuxi) CO.,LTD.
B11 Factory Building, Xixie Road Wuxi High-Tech, Industrial Development Zone, New District, Jiangsu Province
214112, Wuxi
Tel : 8651082993000
Fax : 8651082993008
China HQ
Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems
Valeo Group
Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems
Powertrain Systems
VALEO Management Services
2101 Scitech Tower, 22 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue,
100004, Beijing
Tel : 861065150366
Fax : 861065125066
China Shared services
Valeo Group
Valeo Compressor - Changchun Company Limited
No.2677 Shiji Avenue, Changchun Economy & Technology Development Zone
130031, Changchun, Jilin PRC
Tel : 8643184992000
Fax : 8643184992004
China Management
Valeo Group
Thermal Systems
Jiangjin Road 285#, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, PRC.
434007, Shashi
Tel : 867168881003
Fax : 8671668253236
China Management
Valeo Group
Thermal Systems
Valeo Auto Lights (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
Dadong district,
110141, Shenyang
Tel : +8624 59 40 82 62
Fax : +8624 84 89 67 32
China Production
Visibility Systems
Wuhu Valeo Automotive Lighting System Co. LTD
Wuhu Economic Zone, Feng Ming Hu south Road,
241009, Wuhu
Tel : 865533333
Fax : 865533383
China Production
Visibility Systems
Valeo Lighting Systems (FOSHAN)
NO7 Huabaonan Road, Chengxi Industrial Park, Foshan National, HI-TECH Indust. zone, Chancheng District, Guangdong Province
528000, Foshan
Tel : 8675788011170
Fax : 8675788011122
China Production
Visibility Systems
Valeo Group
Thermal Systems
Floor 2, No.6 building American Industrial Village, Huadu
510800, Guangzhou
Tel : 862036870138
Fax : 862036870138
China Production
Thermal Systems
Zhengzhou Branch, Guangzhou Valeo Engine Cooling Co.,Ltd
No.8 Gate, No.5 Storehouse, Henan Bonded Logistics Center, No.1508 East Hanghai Road, Zhengzhou Economic and Technical
450009, Zhengzhou
Tel : +86TBD 371 5568 9705
Fax : +86TBD 371 5568 9700
China Production
Thermal Systems
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