Tout a commencé en 1923 par la fabrication de garnitures de freins et d’embrayages dans un atelier à Saint-Ouen (région parisienne). 90 ans plus tard, Valeo, partenaire des plus grands constructeurs et présent dans 29 pays, est l’un des premiers équipementiers automobile mondiaux.


Sets up first joint ventures in Wenling for wiper systems and in Shashi for climate control.


Sets up further joint ventures in Wuhan for lighting and Shanghai for electrical systems.
Acquires shares in another joint venture in Shanghai for wiper systems.


Sets up a new joint venture for transmission systems in Nanjing.


Increase its stake in three joint ventures: 50% in electrical systems (Shanghai), 55% in wiper systems (Shanghai) and 75%in lighting systems (Wuhan).


Opens the first R&D center in Wuhan.
Increases stake in Nanjing joint venture for clutches.
Opens China 5 Axes School.


Sets up new joint ventures for air-conditioning compressors in Changchun and for switches & detection systems in Shenzhen.
Opens a new security systems plant in Wuxi.


Opens second R&D center in Shanghai.
Creates a new site in Foshan for lighting systems.
Acquires 100% stake of lighting systems in Wuhan.


Acquires 100% stake of the joint venture for compressors in Changchun.


Opens an electronics expertise center in Shenzhen and a new wiper systems plant in Wenling.
Signs a letter of intent with the Development Zone of Wuhan for plant extension and increasing investment.


Acquires an 80% of stake of the Chery Group’s Ruby Lighting.
Sets up three new plants, in Guangzhou for climate control and for switches, and in Wuhu for lighting.


Opens four new plants, in Shenyang for lighting systems, in Jingzhou and Tianjing for thermal systems and in Wuxi for powertrain systems.
Extends three plants in Wuhan and Foshan for lighting systems and in Nanjing for transmission systems.


Valeo China 20th Anniversary.
Sets up four new plants, in Shenyang and Shanghai for powertrain systems and in Yantai and Foshan for thermal systems.