Valeo’s commitment in China and to the Chinese market is part of its global strategy based on two pillars: CO2 emissions reduction and intuitive driving and the development in Asia and emerging countries.

Since first setting up business in China, Valeo has followed a comprehensive path in four steps: serve its traditional international customers, develop business with Chinese car markers, develop in China products for the Chinese market and develop technologies for the world market from China.

“Talent Localization” is one of the core strategies of Valeo China. Valeo China considers its employees to be its most valuable asset. Valeo China implements an ambitious policy in terms of employing the best people, fulfilling their needs and ensuring diversity.

In line with its "Be Chinese in China" Philosophy, Valeo China keeps enhancing its R&D capabilities, and currently, Valeo China has 29 production sites, 10 research center, three development center, one distribution platform and 15,000 employees, transforming from "Made in China" to "Designed with China".